Research & Organization


  • To use organizational skills to support the music and drama ministries when preparing for or executing a service or event.
  • To aid in developing new material

Job Description

  • To gather resources and work with people to provide support for specific events or services.
  • To research new material for music or drama for specific themes and events.


  • Organizational skills of any kind
  • Knowledge of a wide variety of music or skits that could be used for specific themes or events.


3 month trial: At this time a discussion will take place to answer questions like:

  • Is the volunteer satisfied with the role they are playing in the ministry?
  • Is the volunteer suited for this particular ministry or do they have stronger gifts in another area that could be used to better serve the church and their own satisfaction?

Further Commitments: 

  • Commitment times will vary according to skills of individual and needs for specific events .
  • To be able to respond relatively quickly to needs that arise for new material etc.