Upcoming Teaching Series

Family Gods Way titleslide 600Beginning on Sunday, August 8, Pastor Nelson will begin a new series on Family God‘s Way. Family is the microcosm of the great purpose and plan of God and because of that, comes under direct assault of everything that is anti-God! In this series Pastor Nelson will clarify how to get out front of the challenges for families today. These clarities will help you no matter where your families experience is right now! Nothing is going to bring you a greater sense of joy or pain than your family. Let’s get on the smart side and build or rebuild it Gods Way!


Purpose: To provide a creative, refreshing, adventure-based, spiritually charged environment for children, youth, and adults. We will accomplish this through: * Nature's beauty experienced in a beautiful setting * Developing all season structures in the western theme. For example: western town, and Indian village * Providing natural recreation, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, etc. * Individual and team sports challenges. For example: military rope course, paintball and archery. * Relationship building. For example: barn socials, picnics, retreats, seminars
Overview The Children's Ministry is in need of a volunteer to come in weekly and assist the Children's pastor with phone calls, data entry, pamphlet making, DVD/CD burning, photocopying, organizing and cleaning. Goals To support the Children's Pastor by assisting with weekly jobs that are integral to the success of the ministry.Skills The Office Assistant must be able to Do basic data entry Organizational skills are an asset Basic computer skills are an asset Responsibilities Photocopying, Phone calls, Data entry, DVD/CD burning, Organizing and some light cleaning. Requirements TIME COMMITMENT – Although you may choose the frequency to which you…
Overview Pray for prayer requests and for our leaders and our church family and community. Goals The primary goal of our team is to support the church, its members and the community up to God in prayer on a weekly basis. Skills Ability to lead in prayer Responsibilities Prayer team responsibilities are to meet as a group before Sunday morning service and lift up any prayer requests to God in prayer. Requirements TIME COMMITMENT – Approximately one hour on Sundays from 9:30 – 10:30am.
Overview Providing a meaningful and relevant church service for seniors at their lodge, followed by a brief time to visit. Goals The primary goal of our team is to support the goals of our church through practical support to seniors in the area of fellowship. We strive to enhance the experience of our seniors. Skills Variety of skills are welcome. Musicians, vocals, devotional leader, visitors. Worship Service (Piano, acoustic guitar, vocals, etc.) Devotional Leader – to share 5 – 10 minutes Visitors – visit people who will be in attendance, be friendly, help a senior with a songbook and share…