Upcoming Teaching Series

Family Gods Way titleslide 600Beginning on Sunday, August 8, Pastor Nelson will begin a new series on Family God‘s Way. Family is the microcosm of the great purpose and plan of God and because of that, comes under direct assault of everything that is anti-God! In this series Pastor Nelson will clarify how to get out front of the challenges for families today. These clarities will help you no matter where your families experience is right now! Nothing is going to bring you a greater sense of joy or pain than your family. Let’s get on the smart side and build or rebuild it Gods Way!


In this section you will find programs and events specific to men.

In the past we've hosted many men's seminars; typically one-day sessions with Pastor Nelson Jones and other high profile guest speakers, and will often include lunch as well. It is a great time of learning and connecting with other men.
Men's Breakfasts & Dinners
Pastor Nelson will sometimes host breakfasts or dinners with a teach and discussions specifically targeted at the needs of our men. These are always powerful times of strenghening and fellowship.
Men's Support Groups
Within our Celebrate Recovery program we have weekly open share support groups as well as step study groups where men can work through the 12 steps of recovery in a closed, men-only group.

See what events are currently available for men.