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Kiskatinaw Ranch

Kiskatinaw Ranch is a full section (mile x mile) of majestic wilderness with the picturesque Kiskatinaw River flowing from end to end. You, your family and friends will experience the adventures of camping, swimming and many outdoor activities that we have available.

Currently we have unserviced RV parking stalls with plans to have power at the stalls in the near future. There is mobile camp units equipped with 16 bedrooms, 2 large communal bathrooms with hot showers, full service kitchen with commercial grade appliances. We are continually developing the land and have plans for much more!

Some purposes for Kiskatinaw Ranch include:

  • Providing natural recreation, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, etc.
  • Individual and team sports challenges such as military rope course, paintball and archery.
  • Relationship building in the settings like barn socials, picnics, retreats, seminars

Kiskatinaw Ranch begins a new chapter

We are pleased to announce the we have new ranch caretakers coming on staff! Zane and Allison Michel are excited to move back to this amazing land where they lived for many years and have so many fond memories of. They will be living at Kiskatinaw Ranch to continue development of the property, raise livestock and provide the onsite hospitality. Watch the interview for more exciting information.

Special Events

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Throughout the year we host a multitude of quality events such as retreats, family campouts, children and youth adventure camps and more. 

Bunk Houses

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These fully renovated bunk houses are a fantastic accommodation for a wide variety of group events. The gigantic deck is great for large group gatherings and is the social hub of the campground.

Luxury Cabins

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Positioned on the Kiskatinaw riverbank, these cabins are absolutely gorgeous with a stunning view. Whether you're a regular woods-person or not-so-campy, you'll feel right at home here.