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Family Camping at Kiskatinaw Ranch


We will be hosting 10 days of family camping!

 AUGUST 14 - 23

Although we cannot have our traditional children’s and youth camps, you as a family can still go camping! While staying at Kiskatinaw Ranch, we will provide programming for children and youth. All children and youth must stay over-night with their family in an RV or Bunkhouse Bedroom.

Programs for children’s and youth will be running on a 3 day cycle, with the best stuff from our normal camps, in a family camping setting! There will also be canteen available to purchase snacks.


The cost structure is as follows:

Registration and AccommodatonsPrice per day
Family members
(Age 6 and older):

$25 / person
(This includes all food and all activities we have to offer!)

(Age 5 and younger)
RV lot or bunkhouse bedroom
(You may book 2 for your family):

Note: We have new waterfront RV lots available! 

This is an enhanced family camping experience! It does not replace our traditional children’s and youth camps, but it does give our children’s, youth, and you a chance to connect with others with COVID 19 restrictions in place.

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