Upcoming Teaching Series

Family Gods Way titleslide 600Beginning on Sunday, August 8, Pastor Nelson will begin a new series on Family God‘s Way. Family is the microcosm of the great purpose and plan of God and because of that, comes under direct assault of everything that is anti-God! In this series Pastor Nelson will clarify how to get out front of the challenges for families today. These clarities will help you no matter where your families experience is right now! Nothing is going to bring you a greater sense of joy or pain than your family. Let’s get on the smart side and build or rebuild it Gods Way!

Every Sunday at People’s, Parents that are attending with children that have Newborn babies thru Age Three, are welcomed and encouraged to trust their little one into the capable safe care of our responsible, loving hands of our Adult Staffed Nursery Team.

Our Nursery is located across from “Grand Central” on the East Side of the Church.  We have two rooms, one for Newborns and Crawlers, another for Toddlers.  It is staffed by mature care-givers who nurture each child physically, emotionally and spiritually thru interactive play, music, stories and positive role-modeling. 

Included in our Nursery, is a Mom’s Room, for Nursing Mothers, and a Diaper Changing Station and Toddler Washroom. 

Parents are to Sign-In & Sign Out their Children at the Nursery Counter, within 15 minutes before or after the service.  If parents are needed during the service, we suggest that they give their cel phone number to the Nursery Leader, and put their phone on vibrate. 

We encourage first time parents to pick up a Nursery Handbook, which explains our Nursery Protection Plans, Policies and Procedures.

We welcome moms who consistently use this ministry to commit to helping in the Nursery one Sunday a month.   Those interested should ask the Nursery Leader for an Application Form and Protection Plan Policy, and Nursery Job Description. 

If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, please contact Angela Sisco.