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Immovable Campaign

August 27, 2020 - Immovable - Intro



Webisode #92 Immovable - Thursday, August 27. In tonight’s episode, we introduce the title of our upcoming campaign, Immovable! As Christians, we need to understand why it's important to be immovable in our faith in these times and how to be stronger in this area! Tonight we get a little taster of this exciting topic.

September 14, 2020 - Immovable - Part 1


Webisode #93 - Monday, September 14 - Immovable Week 1, Episode 1. On this episode of Stronger we dig deeper into Pastor Nelson’s message on Sunday about how to have an Immovable faith in the midst of adversity! We explore the first of five questions we can ask ourselves as we go through any adversity so that God can use it for our gain!

September 15, 2020 - Immovable - Part 2


Webisode #94 - Tuesday, September 15 - Immovable Week 1, Episode 2. “Consider yourself fortunate when God all-powerful chooses to correct you.” Job 5: 17 No parent or child enjoys discipline and yet it is one of the most loving things a parent can do for a child. How can we grow in adversity when viewing them through the lense of correction? Join us tonight as we talk more about this subject!

September 16, 2020 - Immovable - Part 3


Webisode #95 - Wednesday, September 16 - Immovable Week 1, Episode 3. Brain fog, indecisiveness, questioning, lack of clarity. We’ve all struggled with these things at one time or another, so how can life’s problems actually help us in these areas? Join us tonight for some insight into what the Bible says regarding adversity and clarity!

September 17, 2020 - Immovable - Part 4


Webisode #96 - Thursday, September 17 - Immovable Week 1, Episode 4. We have the tendency to try and avoid or suppress the problems in our lives. In todays program, we will take a look at our adversities in a different light. Understanding that our biggest problems can sometimes become our biggest assets, can truly change the way we process and understand the circumstances we find ourselves in!

September 18, 2020 - Immovable - Part 5


Webisode #97 - Friday, September 18 - Immovable Week 1, Episode 5. As we wrap up our first week of Immovable, we explore another facet of how we can find purpose in our problems! This exciting discussion will leave you with a powerful point to meditate on privately and discuss with others if you choose!

September 21, 2020 - Immovable - Part 6


Webisode #98 - Monday, September 21 - Immovable Week 2, Episode 1. Today on Stronger, we take a deeper look into what God is up to when we face tests! It’s an encouraging and challenging discussion!

September 22, 2020 - Immovable - Part 7


Webisode #99 - Tuesday, September 22 - Immovable Week 2, Episode 2. Today on Stronger, we focus on the importance of seeking out the will of God in our lives and using it to keep our integrity in Him strong! It helps us to stand out so we can be transformed, not conformed!

September 23, 2020 - Immovable - Part 8


Webisode #100 - Wednesday, September 23 - Immovable Week 2, Episode 3. Is our own ego whats keeping us from getting the most out of our walk with God? Today we dive deeper into the idea of putting ourselves second.

September 24, 2020 - Immovable - Part 9


Webisode #101 - Thursday, September 24 - Immovable Week 2, Episode 4. It takes real courage to stand up for what you believe in! Often times, what is right isn't popular. Today we dive deeper into this concept.

September 25, 2020 - Immovable - Part 10


Webisode #102 - Friday, September 25 - Immovable Week 2, Episode 5. Today we take some time to focus on humility. When we take ourselves out of the equation and give the chess board of life to God, that is when he can bring the best out of our circumstances! Let's dig deeper.

September 28, 2020 - Immovable - Part 11


Webisode #103 - Monday, September 28 - Immovable Week 3, Episode 1. We take in a lot of information in our lifetime. Some of it good and some of it bad. We must learn to use a deeper wisdom to truly tell the difference!

September 29, 2020 - Immovable - Part 12


Webisode #104 - Tuesday, September 29 - Immovable Week 3, Episode 2. What are you brewing? Just like a good cup of coffee, a good relationship with God takes time and energy to brew. Today we focus on getting your cup filled with the good stuff!

September 30, 2020 - Immovable - Part 13


Webisode #105 - Wednesday, September 30 - Immovable Week 3, Episode 3. As Christians, we need to be intentional about our relationships. Who are we influenced by? Who do we influence? Today we dive deeper into this topic.

October 1, 2020 - Immovable - Part 14


Webisode #106 - Thursday, October 1 - Immovable Week 3, Episode 4. God is in the process of a major building project! He is building His eternal church, and we have the privilege of being a part of that! Today we look deeper at our heavenly citizenship.

October 2, 2020 - Immovable - Part 15


Webisode #107 - Friday, October 2 - Immovable Week 3, Episode 5. With our faith, there will come much persecution. Don't let that be a discouragement! Today we dive deeper with Gods perspective and focus on our eternal rewards for our earthly suffering.

October 5, 2020 - Immovable - Part 16


  Webisode #108 - Monday, October 5 - Immovable Week 4, Episode 1. Join us as we sit down with Aimee Deley and take a look into a trying time in her personal journey. A true testament of how God can make the impossible, possible.

October 6, 2020 - Immovable - Part 17


  Webisode #109 - Tuesday, October 6 - Immovable Week 4, Episode 2. In times of great panic, we tend to focus on the impossible obstacles. Today we explore how we can keep grounded in faith despite the instinct to be taken by fear.

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