November 18, 2020 - End Your Day Stronger - Christmas - Week 1


Webisode #138 - Wednesday, November 18 - Christmas Week 1. Tonight we kick off our first week of Christmas Strongers! Our focus this week is the light that is the Holy Spirit. In a world filled with darkness, that light is essential to finding true freedom and peace. Let's dig in deeper with this concept!

November 25, 2020 - End Your Day Stronger - Christmas - Week 2


Webisode #139 - Wednesday, November 25 - Christmas Week 2. Our plans won't always go our way. When faced with unseen circumstances, will we choose bitterness, or God? When our hearts are aligned properly, we have the great power and honor to bring grace out of these circumstances, both for ourselves and others. Today we look deeper at this through the stories of Abraham and Joseph.

December 2, 2020 - End Your Day Stronger - Christmas - Week 3


Webisode #140 - Wednesday, December 2 - Christmas Week 3. When put into daunting situations, do you choose fear or God? When walking in faith, these circumstances aren't rare. Will you remain obedient to the fearful voices, or to the voice of the One walking with you? Let's look deeper.

December 9, 2020 - End Your Day Stronger - Christmas - Week 4


Webisode #141 - Wednesday, December 9 - Christmas Week 4. When things keep piling up against you, anger and discouragement seem to be a natural reaction. How can we stay aware of our circumstances but still be filled with the joy of the Lord? Today we look into Joseph's frustrations leading up to the birth of Jesus and how they apply to us today.

December 16, 2020 - End Your Day Stronger - Christmas - Week 5


Webisode #142 - Wednesday, December 16 - Christmas Week 5. Our imaginations are extremely powerful tools, but as anyone who has done DIY housework knows, powerful tools can also cause great destruction if used improperly. Does your imagination fuel your faith or your worry? Today we look deeper at this concept.

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