Breakthrough 93: Daily Meditations

Breakthrough 93 is a 31 day devotional that focuses on how to experience personal breakthroughs in your family, relationships, career, etc. This is done by lifting up the core practices that bring us closer to God.

Pastor Nelson has written a devotional for each day with relevant scriptures for you to pray and meditate on for five minutes, morning, noon and night, 3 times a day for 31 days = 93. In addition to the devotionals, we have posted The Five Fingers of Prayer om this page to help you prayer in a more dircted and intentional way.

This type of displine is much easier said than done, so when you fail, don't bail! If you miss a meditation time throughout your day, pickup with the next. If you miss a day, resume the next day. Is more important that you continue to the 93 times than getting the times perfect! 

Have the type of breakthroughs you didn't realize were possible.

Thursday, 26 January 2017 04:00

Breakthrough 93: Day 26

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There's very few things as beautiful as a sunset! In the creation account, God takes what was formless and gives it structure. In the first three days, he transformed the formless into the structured universe - the heavens (outer space), the water and sky, and the earth. In the second three days, he filled each empty realm.
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