A Message from Pastor Bob

bob.bidwell 2019The Road to Recovery, what a descriptive word picture.  This road is not unlike the road that an unfortunate traveller found himself on one day. Some robbers  had descended on him and left him beaten, naked and dying by the side of the road. Along came another man known forever in history as “the Good Samaritan”. This man picked up the mortally wounded man and helped him recover.

The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to help us to recover from the robbers named hurts, hang ups and habits who have descended upon us in our journeys and left us stuck on the side of the road of life.

Our true and only Higher Power, Jesus Christ, picks us up and we travel with Him toward healing and serenity. By engaging and working through the biblical principles which are found in the eight recovery principles and the twelve Christ centered steps, you can restore and develop a stronger dependency on God and connection with others.

I would like to give you a sincere invite to join us on the road to recovery, Monday nights.