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Welcome to Rooted Kids

On Sundays during the main services, children in Grades 1-5 meet at The Reach Centre, which is located on the North end of the Church parking lot, for their own high energy children’s church. Games, songs, snack and a fun, interactive teach every week! Parents of first timers and parents of Grade 1-2 should come in and sign their children in.
FUN FRIDAY NIGHTS is exactly how it sounds! Every second Friday from 6-8 PM, People’s Church welcomes all Grade 1-5 children to a night of fun, food, friendship and learning at The Reach Centre! For just $2, your children will have access to the giant indoor Play Centre, colossial inflatable bouncers, as well as fabulous crafts, thrilling games, scrumptious snacks and an impactful Bible teach! The theme changes every time so stay tuned to our Facebook page, Rooted Kids, to find out what to expect! Don’t miss out on our Fun Friday Nights!

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Children's Choir Special

Written by Brenda Wurtz


Our Children’s Choir will be performing another song on Sunday February the 23rd. They will be singing a song called “Love The Lord”. We have already begun practicing on Sunday mornings over at the reach, during our regular Sunday classes.

You can also find access to the song on our Facebook page, Rooted Kids. We would appreciate it if you would encourage your child to sing along and better familiarize themselves with it.

Thank You!

It has been a pleasure serving in the Children’s Choir. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..