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Breakthrough 93: Day 7

Written by Pastor Nelson Jones

In Genesis 1:1 it says "in the beginning God". Then begins the story of creation where He brings order out of chaos. If there's one thing the story teaches, it is that there is structure to what God does and there is purpose to structures he creates. He separates light from darkness, waters from dry land. He's creating a place in balance and harmony as all things have their purpose and place to support and release his final design! You could say that you cannot create without structure.

Often our lives are unbalanced and far from the design that works for peace, joy and strength. This happens because unlike God who created structures to achieve a fullness of design, we try to achieve this without structure. It is like a family that has no structures of time, play or work, to support what they want as their final design, but they have every expectation that somehow they can do this. So we try to create a great family without doing the things that achieve this. Structure for marriage, parenting, finances, health and even faith is the thing that creates what we want!

During this Breakthrough 93 we are engaging in prayer and fasting structures and I'm sure we are discovering how difficult it is to put in new structure or renovate existing structure. Yet this is the hard work of creating real breakthroughs. You have to separate light from darkness, land from water, air from land! Doing this in our homes and doing this in our faith is hard work. It will require fortitude. One idiom that works for me is, "Nelson, you will fail but don't bail!" The outcomes are too important! Marriages need time for intimacy, fun and down time! They need ongoing communication upgrades. All of that is needed to continue to create what is desired! So where you have failed on these, don't bail. Pick those structures up again and stay in the creation business!

In our Breakthrough 93, you will fail at three times on your knees a day, but don't bail. Keep a running count until you reach that 93! The outcome is too important!

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