Sunday School Teacher


The Children's Ministry Team could always use people who are willing to serve by teaching the age three to five year old class on Sunday mornings.


Our goal is to provide children with a fun and engaging environment to learn about Christ's amazing love and purpose for each child's life.


  • Comfort with Children
  • Classroom Management skills an asset
  • Ability to teach a predetermined and prepared curriculum in a fun and engaging manner


It is the responsibility of the teacher to pre-read their curriculum before arriving in class, to come to class a half hour before service starts, and put some of the toys out for the kids. It is also the teacher's responsibility to warmly greet the children and their parents and then provide a safe and caring environment that is fun and engaging. To deliver curriculum to the children using our fantastic curriculum and prepare a fun game or craft to accompany the message.


TIME COMMITMENT – You may choose the frequency that you serve in this ministry, but once a month is recommended.